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P25 Digital Radios Viable to Deliver Mission Critical Data?

Access to secure and reliable communications such as Modern Land Mobile Radio, secure wireless networks, and P25 digital radios are vital to the voice and data needs of 1st responders, emergency management teams, and local public officials to adequately serve citizens, especially when natural disasters, power grid failures, and potential terrorist attacks may occur. In […]

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M2M Wireless Condition Monitoring

With M2M wireless data radios, industries are replacing traditional electronic meters with condition based monitoring systems that are able to track data and flow, cause triggers based on data and algorithms, and protect industrial asset management for machinery. Industrial Asset Management M2M Wireless Condition Monitoring The trick of course is developing algorithms that are very […]

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Mobile Usability and UI Design

Mobile Usability and UI Design In mobile usability design and testing, many OEMs and operators around the world are facing the transition to smartphone and mobile app based connected smart devices which are creating new opportunities to gain broader user base and deliver variety of services seamlessly through Apps and App store fronts. Smartphones, and […]

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