Mobile Usability and UI Design

In mobile usability design and testing, many OEMs and operators around the world are facing the transition to smartphone and mobile app based connected smart devices which are creating new opportunities to gain broader user base and deliver variety of services seamlessly through Apps and App store fronts.

Smartphones, and other connected devices such as smart TV, wearables, wireless medical devices, and in particular those that run on platforms such as Android have provided a flexible, appealing and robust base to transition from a mechanical and fixed use scenario to a highly adaptive mobile usability design, testing, and user experience. This has lead to an explosive growth in number and volume of these devices being made by OEMs and/or launched by operators.

Mobile Usability – Recruiting Experts in Design and Testing

But not all of these devices are success stories. Same goes for C levels in product strategy, principal engineers in product development, or UX UI design and testing contractors. Why use contingency recruiters or generalist search firms when what you really need is a recruiter with expert knowledge in mobile usability for smartphones and connected devices domain? If an iPhone can be taken as an example, the experience of the last few years have shown us that the single most important factor determining success or failure of a smartphone launch is the mobile usability, aka user experience it delivers.

Mobile Usability Testing Parameters

Mobile usability design and testing engineering recruiter NextGen Global Executive Search

Beyond functional testing, the main components of user experience that need to be evaluated and tested prior to launch are mobile usability testing and Battery life by using verifiable methods to objectively and efficiently measure and test both. The main components of user experience prior to mobile usability testing competence is UI design approach and battery life

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