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Succession Planning by Wireless Retained Search Firm 

Wireless retained search firm NextGen Global Executive Search realizes that baby boomers retiring and senior executives exiting to become investors means thorough recruitment solutions are required to find a successor in the mobile, wireless, and IoT industry who has even better skills and strategic decision making traits to ensure stakeholder profits. Board members and major stockholders do succession planning when a BoD member, CXO, or SVP are leaving or retiring in the next 12 months.

Part of that effort is looking at a succession bench. It takes on average 4-6 months to identify and assess potential candidates. Next comes the benchmarking of those external candidates against internal candidates to arrive at a concise “succession bench” of shortlisted applicants. Streamline this process with a Key Succession Search from the top performing wireless retained search firm.

Plan your succession planning today and let us recruit the best candidate for the job.​

wireless retained search firm NextGen Global

Wireless Retained Search Firm NextGen Global 

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Finding effective corporate executive business leadership and key department / division managers is the key to your company’s success in the marketplace.

NextGen uses our cutting-edge Leadership Vault recruitment solutions system of PREDICTIVE VALIDITY for accurate in-depth CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT, delivers candidates that FIT both TEAM and ROLE, and streamlines the search process while increasing new hire RETENTION.PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY for accurate in-depth CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT.

Our recruitment solutions focuses on analyzing if the candidate can not only meet, but exceed the performance objectives of the role.

Success Based Fees in Executive Search

While many wireless retained search firm are paid regardless of performance, our performance based recruitment solutions includes retained search deposit to initiate the search while 2/3 of the remaining fees are based on our delivery and your acceptance of the shortlist of potential candidates and the hire itself.

Our team of executive search consultants are trained by the Institute for Wireless Education as well as come from within the industry itself. Our moto has always been knowledge is power in serving our clients.

As such, executive hiring managers are assured that we know how things work in your industry and your vertical markets. We constantly maintain and grow business and personal connections to yesterday’s, today’s and future executive talent pools.

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