There is loads of talk about the cost-savings benefits of IoT for consumers. Not long ago the idea of m2M2P benefits for consumer based Internet of Things looks to become a reality in the near future. M2M had been primarily been focused on vending machines, smart meters, and remote monitoring and access alarm controls (post SCADA). As the economy improved and new technologies came about, M2M evolved into IoT. Over the next several years allowing for private investments into 5G nano networks and the eventual marriage between the wireless operator, utility, and broadband carrier, the “human factor” of M2M2P focusing on user interface and user experience with Internet of Things devices will change the way people manage their lives.


A few years ago Verizon announced a bigger move into M2M2P communications, especially for enterprise business customers (see Connected Planet article). A near-infinite number of IP addresses by the increasing use of IPv6 also means that mobile wallets, vehicles, and smart meters outside the home to security, energy, appliances, and medical devices inside the home – all can be managed by your smartphone or mobile tablet.


M2M2P-Benefits-for-Consumer-Based-IoTM2M2P Benefits for Consumer Based Internet of Things The concept of M2M2P benefits for consumer based Internet of Things is the missing link for both consumers and business alike and is more palatable to a growing economy (as reluctant taxpayers refuse who elected Donald Trump have no appetite for high taxes and detest the idea of “cap and trade taxes”).


For consumers, they will have the ability to manage heating, cooling, lights, appliances, and more according to their own comfort and budget. In cooperation with utility vendors, data collected from appliances to intelligent lighting will use predictive modeling to then send commands back that should reduce the cost of electricity.


For business, M2M2P reduces production time, increases the lower cost of JIT inventories, and manages the transportation costs.


M2M2P Benefits for Consumer based Internet of Things without over-regulation


The M2M2P concept using IoT connected devices without over-regulation means that the economy can grow in the 21st century according to the proven method that works – supply by business that meets the demand of consumers and businesses alike.


Imagine if you will how medical cost can be lowered, preventative diagnostics increased, and the communications between doctor and patient makes for better assessment and treatment methods. Here is another good reason why M2M2P benefits for consumer based Internet of Things and enterprise IoT can be done more effectively by de-centralizing federally controlled healthcare and putting the control back to the patient-doctor relationship and states to allow for real competition among heath care insurers.


For enterprises, IoT means moving away from costly data centers to more efficient mobile cloud computing and hybrid apps reduces capital expenditures and increases business efficiency in predictive decisions based on synthesized data as well as workforce mobility. As an executive recruiter, it still amazes me that most companies have still not embraced the reduction in facility cost and benefits resulting from telecommuting and/or allowing employees to work from home. With video conferencing readily available, enterprise based private social networks, dropbox, and cloud computing, many positions from systems and software engineers to sales to marketing to finance do not require those additional facility, relocation, and benefits costs.


The other benefits of the M2M2P concept for IoT is the ability to drive innovation for businesses – which is what has always made the USA the envy of the global community. Personalization algorithms serves businesses to better deliver according to consumers’ needs and preferences while at the same time driving companies to re-engineer their processes and business models. From being able to adjust orders and delivery to multi-functional kiosks to “click to chat” windows, using M2M2P, companies can better serve both B2B and B2C customers alike.


By combining the growing list of semantic web and predictive modeling with 5G networks, M2M2P benefits for consumer based Internet of Things can be realized and spark a growth in the USA economy that we have not seen in more than a decade. In order for this to happen, we MUST decentralize the federal government and unleash the might of the American spirit – which has always been driven by individual initiatives and business innovation without the obstruction of overburden regulations.

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