With M2M wireless condition monitoring data radios, industries are replacing traditional electronic meters.


These systems are able to track data and flow, cause triggers based on data and algorithms, and protect industrial asset management for machinery.


Industrial Asset Management M2M Wireless Condition Monitoring


The trick of course is developing algorithms that are very specific within the enterprise applications software. For instance, when it comes to water plants and wastewater management, the plant will use M2M wireless condition monitoring smart meters and software applications that monitor the treatment and sewage systems in valve controls for flow, master meter controls, and chemical injections. But sustainability is also an issue as one needs to monitor those industrial assets for rotation, wear and tear, and maintenance. This is where the importance of data radios for asset management in industrial environments is so important.

Whether you are an electric utility, mining company, automotive manufacturer, oil refinery, semiconductor manufacturer, chemical plant, or manufacturer or end user of large industrial machinery including motors, rotors, turbines, compressors, pumps, processors, filters, or any number of industrial machines, the lack of M2M wireless radios to properly monitor asset protection can be very costly. Industrial machinery using these radios can track environmental, health and safety, vibration, corrosion, strength, displacement, and process interruptions.

As our society moves toward less workers and more automation, a cost effective means of combining monitoring, triggering, maintenance, and detection of potential faults and failures is by developing enterprise level asset management software applications to run and decipher M2M wireless data radios.

The M2M wireless networks in asset management also need to have M2M2P applications so that decision makers can not only know about changes and causes but render immediate solutions no matter where the decision maker is physically located. These M2M wireless data radios also need to be secure on their own private spectrum with a secure network and not tied into the public networks. With the growing computer and mobile network hackers and terrorism threats, every industrial manufacturer needs to be concerned about asset monitoring and asset management.

Intelligent M2M Wireless Condition Monitoring

Intelligent condition monitoring must be in real-time which requires algorithms that analyze data and trigger actions as well as provide early warning of impending or potential problems and hazards. These systems also aid in scheduling of employees and management reporting/decision making to lower cost in asset management and business operations.

wireless-condition-monitoring-300x225With smart power distribution and power management, utility companies, cold storage and food processing facilities, and smart energy vendors are able to conduct field trials for embedded and standalone M2M wireless condition monitoring data radios using enterprise asset management software applications.

Field trails are necessary to develop and make changes to the algorithms in condition monitoring, scheduling, and industrial machinery asset management protection. The use of M2M wireless data radios are now being used in a variety of industrial settings including:

  • Agriculture – moisture and temperature sensors, pump power usage
  • Energy & Utilities – asset management, condition monitoring DMS, SSA, SCADA, EMS, AMR, AMI
  • Environmental – monitoring volcanic, seismic, hazardous materials, fugitive emissions
  • Smart Home – smart meter, smart HAN, Mobile device M2M2P apps
  • Oil & Gas –asset management and monitoring temp, pump and flow lines, tank levels, ESD, cathodic protection
  • Industrial – asset management and monitoring vibration, stress, cycling, performance
  • Solar & Wind –condition monitoring, alarms, productivity

Real-time M2M wireless monitoring makes maintenance better with early warning self-assessment that triggers protect the components in industrial machinery asset management so that they produce better and have a longer life span, cutting down the expenditure of unnecessary capital investments.

Future Trends in M2M Asset Management Protection

The aerospace and defense industry has long used M2M wireless. The new applications the 21st century industries need are secure networks, the ability to track data and monitor, cause triggers/actions, make predictive analysis and decisions, and be tied directly into overall business operations IT. Based on traditional data, a company already knows which critical systems and industrial components need to be part of M2M and Internet of Things wireless data monitoring.

Power distribution and power management systems in smart grids require a load of new smart meters, sensors, and devices. The EAM software must be able to receive the M2M wireless data and correctly determine the health and performance of specific assets as a function of predictive analysis and predictive monitoring.

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